Mon 04 April 2011 ?? Comments

I have put online it's a website for artists and developers who want to show and share their models. The workflow is really simple you have a model you want to show to people. Upload it and get the url of the model, then share the url or embed the model in an iframe.
The current website is still in progress so consider it in beta, in a few weeks It will have a nice skin and better feature, but you can still try it and report to bug to me :)

The list of file format showwebgl is able to read the following file extension obj, ive, 3ds, dae, ply, osg2, osgb, osgt, osgx, osgs, gem, geo, mdl, rgb, lws, dxf, tgz, osgterrain, shp, zae, stl, sta, bvh, ac, flt, ogr, osga, md2, x, json, txp, dw, osgtgz, 3dc, asc, lw, lwo, gdal, bsp, osg

You can add texture putting everything inside a zip archive, for example you can put your collada model and its texture inside a zip then upload the zip file.

The back end use OpenSceneGraph :)