WebGL Camp

Wed 04 July 2012 ?? Comments

I did a talk at webgl camp in switzerland, that was really nice to meet other people doing webgl stuff. Amazing projects seen there like quake4 in the browser, the nokia demo, really interesting projects. I talked about how shaders were generated in sketchfab.com and you can find my ...


Nouvelle Vague

Mon 20 February 2012 ?? Comments

Nouvelle Vague is a project I worked on for ultranoir, It offers a poetic and interactive real-time 3D experience based on Twitter. In a minimalist and surrealist world, Tweets are carried out with different flying objects from the borders of the scene to the center where stands the ultranoir black ...



Tue 27 December 2011 ?? Comments

We had a meeting a few months ago before the demojs event in Paris to organize it. I worked on the intro to announce the event 10 days before the deadline. 4 of us made this intro: Guillaume Lecollinet who helped on design and css stuff, Ulrick for the music ...


Over the last few months, I have been working on a webgl demo for firefox. The objective was to create a demo to showcase webgl technology. I am currently working on a 3D framework called osgjs so the application uses this javascript library. osgjs is a javascript implementation of OpenSceneGraph ...


For ParisJS #6 I did a conference about GlobeTweeter, and an overview of code inside the application. I did the slides with dzslides from Paul Rouget, thanks for this tool :)


I have done plugins and pseudo loader for OpenSceneGraph to work with OpenGL es 2.0 spec and webgl. The first thing you need when working with big mesh is to split them in bunch of 65536 vertexes because opengl es 2.0 speccification limit the size of indexes to ...



Mon 04 April 2011 ?? Comments

I have put online http://showwebgl.com it's a website for artists and developers who want to show and share their models. The workflow is really simple you have a model you want to show to people. Upload it and get the url of the model, then share the ...


Vehicle Editor

Fri 11 March 2011 ?? Comments

Since I experimented webgl stuff, some clients start to think seriously to make 3d apps on the web. For one of them I have done a Vehicle Editor. The idea is to select a chassis and customize it with different element you can plug on it. The pipeline use blender ...



Tue 15 February 2011 ?? Comments

I have written this afternoon a little class to manage graph, for osg.js I will need to graph the update/cull/draw traversal and I guess more others things, so I needed a stats functionnality a bit like in Three.js demo. I have first get his stats.js ...



Mon 14 February 2011 ?? Comments

Since I play with WebGL, I wanted a way to work as I do with OpenSceneGraph. So I started to write a subset of OpenSceneGraph in javascript that uses same concept. For this I have done a plugin for OpenSceneGraph that is able to export scene graph to osgjs json ...


Packt Publishing have published a new OpenSceneGraph beginners book, I am happy for having reviewed the technical part of this book and I recommand it for all beginners who wanted to start quickly on OpenSceneGraph


WebGL Particles

Tue 17 August 2010 ?? Comments

I have played with render to texture to generate particles with physics, the idea is to compute particles position on the gpu and use it as input to render them. For this I have use the firefox logo in 512x512 so we have 262144 particles animated even if somes are ...


ArtGame Weekend

Mon 05 July 2010 ?? Comments

A Month ago, we have participated to the artgame weekend . The idea is to make a game in 48h on a mobile platform. I joined Chen to work on her concept, the idea was to use a guitar hero gameplay on an Hitler speech. The concept is strong and make ...


I am currently experimenting WebGL. I work with OpenSceneGraph and wanted to try something equivalent in javascript. Even though javscript is slower than C++ i wanted to try a proof of concept with WebGL and create a library similar to OpenSceneGraph. After experimenting a bit, i am convinced that a ...


Global Game Jam 2010

Mon 01 February 2010 ?? Comments

We participated in the global game jam 2010. The idea was to create an entire (small) game in 48 hours with a given theme. This year the theme was 'seduction and deception'. Our game was called PrincessKunKunPechoPecho and was created with the blender game engine so that we could experiment ...