ArtGame Weekend

Mon 05 July 2010 ?? Comments

A Month ago, we have participated to the artgame weekend . The idea is to make a game in 48h on a mobile platform. I joined Chen to work on her concept, the idea was to use a guitar hero gameplay on an Hitler speech. The concept is strong and make people feel uncomfortable with the game. I have made the choice to work on android because I have a HTC hero and it's more open than Iphone. When I started I had just installed eclipse on my ubuntu box and tried the hello world example. I am a novice on mobile platform. 48h later I am really impressed by this experience. The workflow to test and develop android apps with eclipse was impressive. It just worked as expected. usually I am an emacs users, but for this experience I have used the 'regular' path as explained on the android sdk.

At the end we had a game, but we worked more after the weekend to release it. Because of the sensible subject the game is, we had to adjust/change some part.